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HID (Bi) Xenon Installation Guide by HIDLighthouse.com

General Troubleshooting

Below are a series of links to pictures with text covering some of the more common general troubleshooting problems.  Click on the link below for then problem that you’re experiencing.  This list covers some of the more common problems you might encounter when trying to install your HID lights, (bi) xenon conversion kits.

  1. Bulb(s) Won’t Fit
  2. Wire(s) Won’t Fit
  3. One Side Consistently Doesn’t Light Up
  4. Both Sides Consistently Doesn’t Light Up
  5. One Side Flickers, Flashes or Works Intermittently
  6. Both Sides Flickers, Flashes or Work Intermittently
  7. Low or High Beams Don’t Turn On
  8. Low and High Beams are Switched
  9. Light Out Indicator Turns On
  10. Car Fuses Keep Popping

If you have any questions relating to our General Troubleshooting HID Installation Guide contact us today.

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