Installation Manuals/Guides for HID Lights, Bi Xenon Conversion Kits

We’ve added 20 new HID xenon installation guides, manuals and troubleshooting guides.  We’ll continue to add more until we’ve covered most common problems and the most frequently requested as well.  If you have a request for an installation guide or would like more information about HID xenon conversion kits fill out the form below.   

Click The Links For HID (Bi) Xenon Installtion Guides & Manuals

• Single Beam Installation Manual                               • Relay & Capacitor Installation 

Single Beam Reverse Polarity Guide                       •General Troubleshooting Guide





(HB 5)


(9003, HB2)



(Installation Manuals)      
Standard  Standard Standard Standard
Hi-Lo Hi-Lo Hi-Lo Hi-Lo
Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity
Hi-Lo Reverse Polarity Hi-Lo Reverse Polarity   Hi-Lo Reverse Polarity   Hi-Lo Reverse Polarity  


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