The Six Gs of Social Media Marketing

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With the right approach you can capture an entire vertical market, reaping all the benefits of the traffic and being the first in line to offer your products and/or services to the world.  But just as this can work if you do it right, it can also not work if you do it wrong.  Becoming a legitimate authority figure on the Internet takes work, time, legitimacy and precision.  While 3 of these factors are a must and cannot be avoided, time can be bent on Internet.  With Social Media Marketing you can speed up the process, almost like a legal injection of steroids.

Step 1: Pick the right market.

Too many people try to conquer the 1000 pound gorilla when there’s a much easier battle to be won.    Do some research and find an industry that is relatively behind the curve in terms of the Internet, Social Media and SEO.  Look for outdated websites that have poor optimization, no blog or feeds, and without any major Social Media presence.  Look for vertical markets where it would be easy to build a big website.  After you have a list of industries that fit the mold, weigh out the other factors like high profit margin and low overhead to build a solid business plan.

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Step 2: Build a resource.

Once you’ve established which vertical market you’re going to try and capture you need to create a resource.  Your resource will be your website which you will work to get established as an authority source.  It is important to make sure that you’re going after a vertical market and not trying to capture too wide a range of traffic.  The information in your website should be all about one topic.  And if you insist on trying to take on or EBay, then you should go back to step 1.

Once your vertical market is established, you need to begin building a resource.  The bigger and the more relevant your website is the better.   When choosing your vertical market you may want to consider the very nature of the business.  If there are a lot of products for example in your vertical market, it enables you to be able to build a lot of pages.

A perfect example of picking a great vertical market is  They sell HID Xenon Lights, HID Conversion Kits for all makes and models of vehicle.  These are the super bright headlight kits that you see on luxury cars.  The beauty of picking this particular vertical market is 3 fold.  One, for the first time ever the price is affordable.  They used to cost around $600 and now you can get them from the HID Lighthouse for $64.95.  So the market is poised for a huge jump.  Two, it’s easy to build a huge website with good content and optimization because of all the makes and models of vehicle.  They built a page for over 600 vehicles and each page has good content and search engine optimization. has over 620 cached pages on Google right now and they’re just starting to build out an information section, a real resource that will help them to become established as an authority figure in their vertical market.  And three, their competition is miles behind the Social Media train and SEO.

Step 3: Get connected.

Here’s where the Social Media part comes in.  There are a jillion (a number or amount too great to specify) different Social Media websites out there constantly pitching you on why you need to join their community.  But you can’t join them all, nor do you want to.  Joining the right ones and adding links over to your website is a bit of an art so practice and a little insider’s info goes a long way here.

If you can create a few connections on each of your Social Media profiles it will help to get things going much faster.  It’s best to work on creating one profile on each social media profile that you can build up. The goal here is to create a platform for which to blast off.  If setting a fire were the equivalent to create huge popularity virally on the Internet, then this would be like stacking up the wood and getting ready to light the fire.

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Step 4: Light the fire

Now that you’ve created a huge website and you’ve created all your profiles and linked them over to your website, the stage is set.  Now it’s time to set the plan in motion.  This is also one of the toughest parts because it requires a considerable amount of creativity.  You need a way to stir up the marketplace and get people to click on your links.  You need something that will grab people’s attention.  You need, for a lack of a better term, some link bait.

hid positive campaign

With the HID Lighthouse they created a campaign designed to do one thing, get clicks.  They crafted this article about HID Positivity and how to stay safe with HID lights.  Once you see the image they used you’ll understand how it beckons for a click.

Once you have your fire starter, set in on fire by posting your articles to all your profiles and getting people to click through.  If everything is setup correctly, all your profiles will jump, your website’s traffic levels will jump and your website ill jump up to the top of the Internet.

Of course the only way to stay up is to stay at it.

Good luck!

John Kitts

HID Lights and Social Media Marketing