HID Xenon Automatic Beam Switching

Some hid xenon bulbs are switchable.  Some are not.  Here’s the difference.

Typically on most non-xenon headlights there’s a set of lights; one for the low beam lights, one for high beam lights, maybe lights for parking, fog, etc.  In this system there is a separate bulb for the low beam lights and another for the high beam lights so you can switch back and forth between the two.  When you pull the lever to change from low to high or visa versa you can actually get both to come on as long as you hold it.  This is great for when the guy in front of you cuts you off on purpose.

That’s a non-automatic switchable beam.  Here’s one that is:

In automatic switching beam lights the light bulb itself changes from pointing straight for high beams to pointing down for low beams.  With xenon lighting the light is so bright and emits so much further than halogen lights that all that is needed is to change the direction of the light.  When the low beams are on the light points somewhat down towards the road in order to control the trajectory of the light bulb.

The HID Lighthouse H4 Kit is an example of an HID xenon automatic switching beam light bulb.