What does HID stand for in HID lights?

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge.

The reason HID lights are so great is because without using any more energy an HID light is many times more bright than normal headlights.  Both lights work similarly but the HID light bulb has a power booster of sorts.

What happens different with the HID lamp versus say a Halogen lamp is that HID light has a way of producing a special plasma that intensifies or magnifies if you will the light.  The other factor is HID lights have a higher color temperature which we’ll get into a little bit later.

The way the HID light gets so bright is with the plasma that it creates.  But how does it create this you might ask?

What happens is the HID lamp is a tube filled with a gas and metal salts.  The gas helps electricity to jump across the  electrodes in the HID bulb.  Then as the bulb heats up the metal salt particles in the tube turn to a plasma that helps to magnify the light in the bulb.

Compared to other types of lighting like fluorescent lights and incandescent lights HID lights are much more efficient.  Most of the energy in an HID bulb is transferred to the amount of brightness whereas with fluorescents and incandescents lose a good amount of their efficiency to heat loss.

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