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Thought your Eagle Vision couldn’t get any better? For just $49.99 you can have completely safe and effective nighttime vision. Our HID lamps are available for your Eagle Vision immediately and the difference from halogen lights will astound you. You have a full year to test out the lamps and if you are unsatisfied in any way you will get your money back no question. But we at HID Lighthouse are so confident about our conversion kit that we know that you will never go back!

The video above describes the benefits of owning an HID conversion kit. Halogen bulbs just don’t cut it anymore. With your new HID Lights you can relax more while driving at night. The color spectrum of HID Lights mimics the spectrum of daylight making it easier to focus and concentrate while driving in the dark.

HID Xenon lighting helps avoid oncoming traffic, helps breaking focus, and increases your time to react to road hazards. This can be important to your safety and those riding with you. HID Lights also last the lifetime of your vehicle. Feel more comfortable knowing your lights are not going to go out and you will most likely not need to replace your HID Lights.

HID Xenon Lights - Before and After Picture

You may come across offers for less that $49.99, but guaranteed the product will not be up to our standard and will require repairs. At $49.99 we offer the full conversion kit, installation instructions, a list of suggested shops to help with your purchase, and our full support and consultation. With a full money-back within one-year guarantee, why not try our lamps for your Eagle Vision today?

Included in the HID Lighthouse Xenon Conversion Kit:

  • 2- Plug & Play HID Ballast
  • 2-Vibrant Xenon HID Bulbs
  • 2- Factory Plug Adapters
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instruction
  • Warranty Registration

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Eagle Vision HID Lighthouse Installation Guide

  • If you’re the do-it-yourself type you can install your HID light yourself. You can follow along with our step by step installation manual and install your HID kit yourself. Click the link below to download the installation manual.

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HID Lighthouse Halogen Bi Xenon Conversion KitsHid LIghts from the HID Lighthouse - Conversion Kits


HID lights come in a range of colors, from yellow to white to blue to purple. The lower the number the “warmer” the color and the higher the number the “cooler” the color. When it comes to car headlights you want HID lights that are going to be from 3000K for super bright yellow fog lights to white, blue and purple headlights. The standard white is what most people have and not all colors are legal, unfortunately.

HID Light Colors Available For The Eagle Vision:

HID Color Chart - HID Lighting Graphic - HIDLighthouse.coma

  • 3,000K Fog Lights (Yellow)

  • 5,000K (White)

  • 6,000K (White w/ Blue)

  • 8,000K (Blue)

  • 10,000K (Blue w/ Purple)

  • 12,000K (Purple)


Eagle Vision HID Halogen Headlights, Bi Xenon Lights, Fog Lamps and Kits In Stock:

  • h7, h11, H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, 880, 881, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D1C, D2C, D2R, P15D-1


A short history about the Eagle Vision:

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HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights, Bulbs, Lamps -

High-Intensity Discharge lamps are a type of arc lamp. Light is made in an arc lamp when electricity jumps across two points or electrodes. Usually the arc light bulb has a vacuum inside and when electricity is pushed from one side the electricity jumps across to the other side and creates light. High-Intensity Discharge works in the same fashion except it has a big power booster.

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