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Audi 90 HID Lights, Xenon Conversion Kits, Replacement Bulbs

Hello Audi 90 drivers! You will be excited to learn that we offer an amazing headlight upgrade offer. Change your ordinary halogen headlights out for HID lights today for optimum safety and convenience. Not only do we carry the lights but also complete xenon conversion kits. The HID Lighthouse Kit works perfectly with your Audi 90.

HID uses a color spectrum that imitates daylight, thus making it much easier for humans to see at night. Obstacles can be spotted from a greater distance, and the lights do not interfere with oncoming traffic. This light system improves not only your comfort but also that of fellow drivers. Not only do we offer the xenon lights, but we also carry full HID conversion kits in all colors for your Audi 90.

HID Xenon Lights - Before and After Picture

At $49.99 we blow the competition out of the water. Our low price demonstrates that we actually care about your safety and the quality of your Audi 90. We offer a 100% back guarantee within one year so there is no possible bad outcome when you try out our HID system. The deal includes free shipping and handling and upon request we will recommend local shops convenient for you that can help with the installation of your lamps. And of course you can call us at the HID Lighthouse with any questions.

Included in the HID Lighthouse Xenon Conversion Kit:

  • 2- Plug & Play HID Ballast
  • 2-Vibrant Xenon HID Bulbs
  • 2- Factory Plug Adapters
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instruction
  • Warranty Registration

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Audi 90 HID Lighthouse Installation Guide

  • If you’re the do-it-yourself type you can install your HID light yourself. You can follow along with our step by step installation manual and install your HID kit yourself. Click the link below to download the installation manual.

Click Here For The HID Lighthouse Installation Manual – Audi 90 Compatible


HID Lighthouse Halogen Bi Xenon Conversion KitsHid LIghts from the HID Lighthouse - Conversion Kits


HID Light Colors Available For The Audi 90:

HID Color Chart - HID Lighting Graphic - HIDLighthouse.coma

  • 3,000K Fog Lights (Yellow)

  • 5,000K (White)

  • 6,000K (White w/ Blue)

  • 8,000K (Blue)

  • 10,000K (Blue w/ Purple)

  • 12,000K (Purple)


Audi 90 HID Halogen Headlights, Bi Xenon Lights, Fog Lamps and Kits In Stock:

  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, 880, 881, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D1C, D2C, D2R, P15D-1


A short history about the Audi 90:

1987 was the year the Audi 90 was reintroduced into the market as a more luxurious edition to the Audi 80. The 90’s aesthetic differences include a full width tail light panel: high beam headlights and a different front grill. The most distinguishing characteristics between the 80 and 90 are the indicators, which shifted from next to the headlights to next to the fog lights. This car was available in the United States as a more limited choice of vehicle, coming in a 2.3 E and 2.3 Quattro models. Also available in Germany was a turbo diesel 3 speed manual and a 5 speed automatic.


HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights, Bulbs, Lamps -

High-Intensity Discharge lamps are a type of arc lamp. Light is made in an arc lamp when electricity jumps across two points or electrodes. Usually the arc light bulb has a vacuum inside and when electricity is pushed from one side the electricity jumps across to the other side and creates light. High-Intensity Discharge works in the same fashion except it has a big power booster.

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